Effective Report Writing (ERW-CSA)

This effective online training ensures your report writing is clear, accurate and objective (non-judgemental). Reports can be subpoenaed in court and requires thorough understanding between opinion and facts related evidence. Reporting needs to be able to explain to the reader what has happened clearly to support an understanding of events.

When it comes to mandatory reporting, all employees engaging in direct support services are required by Victorian law to uphold Mandatory reporting on a reasonable belief of child physical or sexual abuse, to child protection authorities.

In Victoria, police officers, registered medical practitioners, nurses including midwives, registered teachers, and school principals are currently mandated to report a reasonable belief that a child is in need of protection from physical and sexual abuse.

The following groups became mandatory reporters on 1 March 2019:

- Out of home care workers (excluding voluntary foster and kinship carers)
- Early childhood workers
- Youth justice workers
- Registered psychologists.


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